Monday, 13 June 2011

In Search for an old friend of mine from Famagusta - Can you help?‏

In Search for an old friend of mine in Famagusta‏

We received this at our Famagusta Association in London. If you can help email us at

I have a request which I am not quite sure if u can help me with . In 1974 in the war, my mother had a friend called Polivia Savvidou. Now she might be around 45 years old/young. They didn't know each other in person, they just wrote letters to each other, but although they never even took a glance at each other, my mother would desperately like to talk/write/see her again.We hope that you might know the family or know someone who does or can ask somewhere for where this lady woman may be now and give us a call or an e-mail. We would much appreciate that! Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

My mothers name is Mirofora Chalkidou and lives in Germany.

Christos Chalkidis(Germany)