Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Famagustians sing for Morfou!

Famagustian singer-songwriter Nikos Savvides and Marietta Constantinou also from Famagusta will sing for Morfou in the Cypriot Song Competition to be held in Nicosia on 10th March 2012with the song “O! Morfou”. Writing songs and singing for our beautiful occupied towns is not new for Nikos Savvides who has written a number of songs for his hometown of Famagusta and for our occupied Kerynia. Singing for beautiful Morfou shows Nikos’s true love and passion for the whole of our occupied Cyprus and it’s a small gift to the people of Morfou.

Parikiaki newspaper, London, 19th January 2012

Congratulations to singer-songwriter Nikos Savvides for winning the “1st Cypriot Diaspora in UK Song Composition Competition” with his self penned song “O! Morfou”. One of five finalists, the song in Cypriot dialect, was performed by Marietta Constantinou and Nikos Savvides at a live showcase held on Saturday 14th January at the Arts Depot Theatre in Finchley London.

The event, organised by LGR in collaboration with CyBc, was sponsored by The Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Department. “O! Morfou” will now go to represent the Cypriot community in the UK in Cyprus, automatically winning a place as a contender in the last 10 Cypriot Song Competition. The televised Grand final will be held on the 10th of March 2012 in Nicosia. Well done on this great accomplishment and good luck for the Cyprus final!

If you really like the song please make the effort to vote for "O! Morfou" by phoning or texting on the night of the competition final(10 March 2012).